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Welcome to the future! Meet Yooz.

Press release published February 6, 2014

Yooz is a Cloud-based solution that fully automates your Purchase-to-Pay process!

From creating purchase requests to approving supplier invoices…

Yooz, specializes in invoice automation in the cloud.  Yooz enhances its already rich feature set so clients can capture and automate their Purchase-to-Pay process electronically, from creating purchase requests to approving supplier invoices.

Yooz now enables clients to:

  • Manage the entire process of creating and approving purchase requests electronically.
  • Transform approved purchase requests into supplier orders.
  • Handle receipts.
  • Match purchase invoices with orders and receipts automatically.
  • Manage the payment voucher cycle electronically.
  • Automatically feed data into ERP/Financial systems.

These new features enable users to manage commitments and expenditures with a single tool.  Yooz users can further optimize their processes and enjoy the solution's many benefits, such as lower invoice processing costs, utilizing workflow approval for PO requisition and improved management control.  And as always users can retrieve any document with a keyword search capability for immediate access, saving tremendous time and money.  No more “wading” thru the endless paper and file cabinets a business has.

This evolution may actually be considered a revolutionary step forward for document control and handling with significant jumps in efficiency for AP departments, as much as 70% reduction in processing an invoice!  It gives any company, regardless of its size, the ability to gain control and get immediate visibility to commitments and invoice processes thru our robust reporting capabilities.  Of course, the new features leverage all the classic functionality Yooz clients have come to appreciate, such as high automation, speed and simplicity for deployment and use, access from anywhere on mobile phones and tablets, and more.

About Yooz

Yooz is part of ITESOFT Group and provides a cloud based Accounts Payable Automation service.

With thousands of customers worldwide and 30 years of experience, ITESOFT is recognized as a world-class Document Capture solution vendor.  Large notable companies such as Air France KLM, Bristol Myers Squibb, Jaguar Land Rover, Siemens, Pepsico, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers… use ITESOFT software solutions.  The company has been listed on NYSE Euronext since 2001 (ITE) and is financially secure.

Yooz inherits ITESOFT's 30 years of technological expertise in the document and process automation sector.  Now the technology that used to be only available for the Fortune 500 can be installed in any company in as little as a few hours.

Yooz vision is to deliver the ultimate weapon to every organization, especially SMEs, for winning the “paper wars” very quickly.  With Yooz, document based processes are paper-free and automatic.  Yooz purpose is to help organizations become more efficient thus reducing costs.  It’s that simple.

Yooz is a fully web-based and 100% Cloud solution that offers many automated document processing features, such as scanning, posting/assignment, automatic recognition, electronic validation workflow, exporting posts to ERP systems/accounting packages, and electronic archiving.

Yooz Press Relations:

Matt Williams


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