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Why Partial Automation Will Be a Smart Tool - Not a Replacement - For the Accounts Payable Clerk

Press clipping published August 17, 2017

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Laurent Charpentier, chief innovation officer at Yooz North America.

Accounts payable (AP) clerks at leading companies are already seeing machine-learning programs automate and streamline their daily work, flagging suspicious invoices, reducing cycle time and saving their organizations money.
Artificial intelligence is boosting efficiency and making life easier for thousands of AP professionals today. But many of these professionals are undoubtedly wondering if sophisticated software might one day put them out of a job.

The fact is, workers today at nearly every level—and across nearly every industry—are worried about the same thing. Robots are waiting on hotel guests in some countries, while algorithms are writing movie scripts, drones are analyzing crop yields and IBM’s supercomputer is diagnosing disease. How long will it be before the human touch is declared redundant?

Human workers being displaced by intelligent machines is a real possibility in some sectors. But if history is any judge, job displacement is just the first chapter of a much longer story, a story that ends with humans and machines working productively side-by-side.

Automation can lead to job loss, but it often creates new jobs [...]

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